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Tea & Coffee Service Gear & General Service Gear to hire

To get a quote for your event just give us a call or click on the "add to quote" button of the items that you want.

Once you have selected all the items that you need simply fill in the quantities required and enter your details. Click on "send your request". Don't worry you haven't ordered anything at this stage. We will check availability and get a quote including transport costs, and VAT back to you within 48 hours.

ItemPriceSelect items for quotation
10 Cup Insulated Coffee Server£1.30
12 Cup Glass Cafetière£3.00
12 Cup Polished Steel Cafetière£3.90
3 Cup White China Coffee Pot£0.75
3 Cup White China Tea Pot£0.75
8 Cup Glass Cafetiere£2.20
8 Cup White China Coffee Pot£1.20
8 Cup White China Tea Pot£1.20
ItemPriceSelect items for quotation
Chafing Dish with Fuel£13.75
2floz Kilner Jar£0.45
5floz Kilner Jar£0.55
16floz Kilner Jar£0.70
4.5" Glass Dessert Bowl£0.33
4" Glass Bowl£0.55
Cast Iron Roasting Dish (10" x 14")£4.00
Curved rectangular plate (14" x 6")£0.35
Glass display / canape plate (19" x 7")£1.50
Milk bottles£0.55
Sundae glass£0.26
7" Glass Bowl£0.65
9" Glass Bowl£0.75
White China 10" Salad Bowl£1.00
White China 10" Oval Vegetable Dish£0.95
White China 10" Oval Eared Vegetable Dish£0.95
White China 10" Split Vegetable Dish£0.95
White China 10.5" x 6.5" Oblong Vegetable Dish£0.95
White China 10" x 10" Casserole Dish£1.20
White China 14" Oval Platter£0.95
White China 20" Oval Platter£1.20
White China 20" Oblong Platter£1.20
White China 6 Tasting Spoons on Canape Tray£1.75
Cake slice£0.60
Ice cream scoop£0.61
Serving tongs£0.70
White China Asian Spoons£0.30
White China 2.5" Ramekin£0.35
White China 3” Ramekin£0.35
White China Butter Dish£0.30
White China Small square dip pot£0.30
White China 2 Tier Petit Four Stand£1.75
White China 3 Section Dish 6" x 2"£0.35
Bread Basket£0.55
Clear Salt & Pepper Grinders£1.00
Clearing Tray£0.50
Oblong Chaffing Dish with fuel£12.10
Oval Chaffing Dish with fuel£12.10
Wood & Slate Display ItemsPriceSelect items for quotation
2 Tier Wood & Slate Display Stand£4.50
Wooden buffet riser 19"x8"£2.20
Rustic Wood Board£1.70
Wooden Bread Trug 12" x 5"£0.75
Large Wooden Bread Trug 12" x 7"£0.95
Wooden bread box 12" x 8"£1.10
Slate plate£0.29
Slate plate 11" x 8"£0.50
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