On the Table


Three stylish designs available. All of them polished and ready to put on the table.

To get a quote for your event just give us a call or click on the "add to quote" button of the items that you want.

Once you have selected all the items that you need simply fill in the quantities required and enter your details. Click on "send your request". Don't worry you haven't ordered anything at this stage. We will check availability and get a quote including transport costs, and VAT back to you within 48 hours.

Rattail Design CutleryPriceSelect items for quotation
Rattail Table Knife£0.20
Rattail Table / Serving Fork£0.20
Rattail Starter / Side Knife£0.20
Rattail Starter / Dessert Fork£0.20
Rattail Dessert Spoon£0.20
Rattail Soup Spoon£0.20
Rattail Fish Knife£0.20
Rattail Fish Fork£0.20
Rattail Tea Spoon£0.20
Winsor Design CutleryPriceSelect items for quotation
Winsor Table Knife£0.21
Winsor Table / Serving Fork£0.21
Winsor Starter / Side Knife£0.21
Winsor Starter / Dessert Fork£0.21
Winsor Dessert Spoon£0.21
Winsor Soup Spoon£0.21
Winsor Serving Spoon£0.21
Winsor Pastry Fork£0.21
Winsor Coffee Spoon£0.21
Winsor Tea Spoon£0.21
Polar Design CutleryPriceSelect items for quotation
Polar Table Knife£0.32
Polar Table Fork£0.32
Polar Starter / Side Knife£0.32
Polar Starter / Dessert Fork£0.32
Polar Dessert Spoon£0.32
Polar Soup Spoon£0.32
Polar Coffee / Tea Spoon£0.32
Table & Place SettingsPriceSelect items for quotation
12" High Table Number Stand£2.00
Brides Knife£3.00
Cake Slice£0.60
Cheese Knife£0.65
Round Silver Cake Stand£13.00
Square Silver Cake Stand£13.00
Steak Knife£0.40
Sundae spoon£0.26
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