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Plate and crockery hire for every event

With five different designs to choose from, with everything from side plates to afternoon tea stands,
you are sure to find what you are looking for. Don’t forget we have a show room with loads of place setting ideas.
Just ring to make an appointment…

To get a quote for your event just give us a call or click on the "add to quote" button of the items that you want.

Once you have selected all the items that you need simply fill in the quantities required and enter your details. Click on "send your request". Don't worry you haven't ordered anything at this stage. We will check availability and get a quote including transport costs, and VAT back to you within 48 hours.

Lubiana CrockeryPriceSelect items for quotation
Lubiana 6" Side Plate£0.25
Lubiana 8" Fish / Buffet / Dessert Plate£0.25
Lubiana 10" Dinner Plate£0.25
Lubiana 12" Dinner Plate£0.35
Lubiana 12" Pasta Bowl£0.35
Lubiana 10" 'Hat' Plate£0.35
Lubiana 9" Soup Plate£0.35
Lubiana 7" Pudding Bowl£0.25
Lubiana Demi Tasse Coffee Cup & Saucer£0.32
Lubiana Stacking Cup & Saucer£0.32
Lubiana Tea Cup & Saucer£0.32
Lubiana Coffee Mug£0.28
Lubiana Milk Jug 10oz£0.65
Lubiana Large Milk Jug 20oz£0.80
Lubiana Mini Sauce Jug 2 oz£0.40
Lubiana Salt / Pepper Pinch Pot£0.22
Lubiana Sugar Bowl£0.45
Lubiana Gravy / Sauce Boat£0.75
Lubiana 3 Tier Cake Stand£4.40
Lubiana Square & Oblong CrockeryPriceSelect items for quotation
Lubiana Square & Oblong 6" Square Plate£0.35
Lubiana Square Bowl£0.35
Lubiana Square & Oblong 8" Square Plate£0.35
Lubiana Square & Oblong 10" Square Plate£0.35
Lubiana Square & Oblong 10' x 6' Starter / Dessert Plate£0.35
Lubiana Square & Oblong 13" x 7" Main Course Oblong Plate£0.35
Buckingham White CrockeryPriceSelect items for quotation
Buckingham 6" Side Plate£0.23
Buckingham 7" Side Plate£0.23
Buckingham 8" Fish / Buffet / Dessert Plate£0.23
Buckingham 10" Dinner Plate£0.23
Buckingham 9" Soup Plate£0.23
Buckingham Consommé Bowl with liner£0.31
Buckingham Rice Bowl£0.23
Buckingham Pudding Bowl£0.23
Buckingham Demi Tasse Coffee Cup & Saucer£0.30
Buckingham Tea Cup & Saucer£0.31
Buckingham 5oz Cream Jug£0.45
Buckingham 10oz Milk Jug£0.60
Buckingham Sugar Bowl£0.35
Buckingham Cruit Set£0.45
Vintage CrockeryPriceSelect items for quotation
Vintage Tea Plate (approx. 10")£0.46
Vintage Tea Plate (approx. 6")£0.44
Vintage Buffet Plate (approx. 8")£0.44
Vintage Cake display plate (approx. 8"-10")£0.65
Vintage Pudding bowl£0.46
Vintage 9" Soup Plate£0.46
Vintage Demi Tasse Coffee Cup & Saucer£0.46
Vintage Coffee Pot£2.75
Vintage Tea Cup & Saucer£0.48
Vintage Milk Jug£0.85
Vintage Sugar Bowl£0.65
Vintage Tea Pot£3.00
Vintage Cruit Set£0.80
Vintage Serving Bowl£2.75
Vintage Serving Platter£2.75
Vintage 3 tier cake stand£4.95
Vintage Butter Knife£0.45
Vintage Pastry Fork£0.30
Vintage Cake Slice£0.65
Vintage sugar tongs£0.60
Rustic CrockeryPriceSelect items for quotation
Rustic Cream Plate£0.85
Rustic Ginger Plate£0.85
Rustic Oatmeal Plate£0.85
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